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My name is Travis Dewitz and I am from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I love photography. It lightens my heart, fills my soul, and allows me to capture life the way that I see it. My work is Conceptual, Emotive, Expressive, Editorial, Surreal and Eclectic. Photography is a genuine art form, which I demonstrate by my wide portfolio of interests. Photography is a way to capture moments and make them magical, bring the dreams into this existence. I am passionate about fashioning new worlds through photographs as I extend my visions beyond the realm of the camera, creating images that resemble paintings and speak of an era that is not our own. That’s what I love about photography; it always looks as if it was taken in another world to ours, in a melancholy atmosphere; a vintage road taken from afar. I have incredible vision, which you can see in all of my photos.

“Art is not in the …eye of the beholder. It’s in the soul of the artist.” – Seth Godin

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